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Understanding the Industrial Co-orporation ICC rules for Defence

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In Denmark, the defence industry is supported by the Danish Industrial Corporation Rules for Defence. These rules are designed to ensure that the government can purchase high-quality products and services from foreign companies while also supporting the growth and competitiveness of the Danish defence industry.

The Danish Industrial Corporation Rules for Defence are based on the principles of transparency, competition, and equal treatment. Companies that want to supply products or services to the Danish defence industry must meet certain criteria, including having the necessary qualifications, experience, and financial stability.

The rules also require companies to comply with certain ethical and social standards, such as respecting human rights, avoiding corruption, and promoting sustainability. Companies that do not meet these standards may be excluded from participating in government procurement processes or be blacklisted from future tenders.

To ensure compliance with the rules, the Danish government has established several institutions, including the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) and the Danish Business Authority. These institutions are responsible for monitoring compliance, providing guidance to companies, and enforcing the rules when necessary.

As a foreign contractor, it may be an overwhelming task to work with the Industrial Corporation framework and understand the value it can also bring to your business. This is one of Normark Defence strengths.

Contact us, Jens Uhrbrand or Janus Bendix Engmann, and learn more about what ICC is, how to grow your business with the framework, and how to become an even more integrate part of the Danish defence industry.

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