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Normark Defence is part of the board of directors at CenSec

Mikkel Normark, CEO of Normark Defence, was elected part of the board of directors at CenSec June 2023. CenSec is the Danish Center for Defence, Space & Security for businesses within Defence, Space and Security. Representing more than 200 member companies, Mikkel is part of unique group of people working closely with the Danish Defence and The Danish Business Authorities, shaping innovation collaborations and industry corporation for the collective danish defence industry.

Read more about CenSec below of directly on their website.

About CenSec

CenSec – Center for Defence, Space & Security – is a Danish business group that brings together individuals and organizations involved in the defence, space, and security industries. CenSec boasts approximately 200 members, comprising Danish and international small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), larger companies, educational and research institutions, as well as technological organizations.

CenSec’s members collaborate, innovate, and provide products, services, and knowledge to support the defence, space, and security sectors. Through our expanding network and ecosystem, CenSec assists its members in developing their businesses, expanding their market knowledge and skills, and fostering innovation and growth.

CenSec collaborates with contractors, system integrators, and the Ministry of Defence. They identify, develop, and recommend suitable suppliers and sub-suppliers. CenSec was established in 2004 . It transitioned into a formal association and a private member-based cluster organization in 2007. Initially focused solely on the defence and security industry, CenSec has since broadened its professional focus to include space.

In 2014, CenSec gained approval as a national innovation network. They became part of the official national innovation promotion system. It initially established the “Inno-Pro” innovation network in 2014, which focused on advanced production among companies addressing various threats to the Danish state, society, and citizens. In 2018, Inno-Pro evolved into “Inno-Sec” – the Innovation Network for Security, continuing to foster innovation among Danish companies with a specific emphasis on the defence, space, and security domains. Inno-Sec operated until 2020.

In 2021, CenSec was recognized as one of Denmark’s 13 business clusters, assuming the role of a growing cluster within the defence, space, and security sectors.

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