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Partnering Business development

As domain experts within defence and as experienced business developers, we offer a wide range of services within business development in the defence sector:

Collectively, the team at Normark Defence have assisted +100 hundred defence companies. We develop business development strategies or “Playbooks” for companies, enable growth via our network, support at meetings and open doors

Business development services:

  • Playbook (go-to-market)
  • Playbook delivery (Awareness, Conversations and Decisions)
  • Danish Defence market intelligence
  • Contract management
  • Framework enrichment
  • Industrial Co-operation Contracts or Offset Management Services

About us

Normark Defence offers our decades of expertise, knowledge, and network as domain experts within Defence and Defence industry. With a passion for Defence, we have built our business on values known from the armed forces such as professionalism, discipline, and loyalty.

We always work with a strategic mindset even though the task might be operational or tactical. Our code of conduct is impeccable, knowing the value of professional behavior in any costumer supplier relationship.

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