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We build defence companies

At Normark Defence, we build and scale defence companies based on demand, sound business cases and experience.

Normark Defence presents an exceptional opportunity for defence industry collaborators due to our role as an autonomous center for innovation and incubation. Our independence enables us to concentrate exclusively on pioneering technological advancements that cater to the specific needs of the defence sector.

Mikkel Normark, CEO and Owner

The technology use case

At Normark Defence, we unite technology development and research done at universities, with our commercial partners, and defence experts. These parties, question the use case our innovation officers write, based upon defence doctrine, technology and organisational schemes.

We then elevate the TRL level and enhance the technology to level 6 or 7, together with the university professors and other required resources.

Product progress is ensured by our team of “users”, Defence experts, technology developers and product managers. And our teams of business developers, ensure that Defence capabilities are enhanced, and the warfighter is empowered through collaboration with the end-users and commercial partners.

Janus Engmann, Chief Innovation Officer


Phone: +45 29 71 26 89


Join our investor program and become part of our cutting-edge Next Generation Defence Capabilities Programs.

Investments towards Normark Defence is managed by “Lundgreen’s Invest – High Tech Defence Fond A/S”.

Lundgreen’s Invest – High Tech Defence Fond A/S has entered into a unique and exclusive collaboration to invest in new innovative products that are developed for defence and intelligence services. The foundation’s partner is Danish and each product that is developed is anchored in an independent company with its own strong growth potential. The fund has already invested in two companies, and soon expects to invest in a further four companies – for all products, there must be great interest from customers in advance.

For more information about the fond, please visit Or contact Normark Defence.

How to join us

Our defence research, available technology and applications are kept close. We welcome any interested party to visit our facilities and discuss their interest prior to any disclosure. To progress with your interest in our research and technology, please contact us and ask for our “Technology Non-disclosure Agreement”.

Thank you.

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