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In contemporary military operations, the detection and identification of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) threats are paramount to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of armed forces. In this context, the integration of advanced technologies such as laser scanners capable of remotely scanning chemicals and CBRN agents becomes a strategic imperative. Normark LaserGas focus on known laser technology blended with advanced AI models, for measuring toxic particles mid-air – at stand-off distance.  The patented modular technology is supported by experts in laser spectroscopy, researchers and scientists.

The technology is superior to ordinary technology by:

  • Measuring at a distance
  • Extremely high tolerances
  • Capability to detect multiple substances at once



A laser scanner with the capability to assess CBRN substances at a distance presents a revolutionary advancement in military surveillance and threat detection. Traditional methods of identifying hazardous materials often require close proximity, putting personnel at risk and limiting the speed and efficiency of response efforts. A remote laser scanning system, however, offers the military a critical advantage by enabling real-time, non-contact detection and analysis of CBRN threats from a safe distance.

  • Rapidly identify chemical and biological threats from a safe distance
  • Provides more time to activate proactive mitigation and protective measures
  • Enhances effectiveness and security

we also see it being widely used in:

  • Industrial safety
  • Healthcare
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Mining and exploration
  • Aviation and transport security
  • Firefighting and response
  • Environmental monitoring



The technology is ready for scaleup, and the product is ready for other applications such as emergency response and hazmat handling, refinement into various designs and improvement of production methods.

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