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Defence Innovation & Incubation

Normark Defence presents an exceptional opportunity for defense industry collaborators due to its distinctive role as an autonomous center for innovation and incubation. Our independence enables us to concentrate exclusively on pioneering technological advancements that cater to the specific needs of the defense sector. In short, we build companies around innovative product and services towards the Defence.

Our strategic partnerships with universities and government agencies bolster our capacities and guarantee access to cutting-edge research and specialized knowledge. This deliberate strategy empowers us to provide solutions that are directly aligned with the dynamic requirements of the defense landscape.

With a resolute focus on technological progress and a thriving collaborative environment, Normark Defence emerges as the ideal partner for enterprises in search of inventive defense solutions.

Collaboration with the University of Aalborg

Our close collaboration with the University of Aalborg stands as a testament to our commitment to cutting-edge innovation. This partnership serves as a vital conduit for the exchange of knowledge and expertise, allowing us to tap into the university’s exceptional research resources. By combining our industry insights with the university’s academic prowess, we foster an environment of continuous learning and advancement. This collaboration empowers us to create groundbreaking solutions that not only meet the demands of the defense sector but also contribute to the broader realm of technological progress.

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Normark Defence offers our decades of expertise, knowledge, and network as domain experts within Defence and Defence industry. With a passion for Defence, we have built our business on values known from the armed forces such as professionalism, discipline, and loyalty.

We always work with a strategic mindset even though the task might be operational or tactical. Our code of conduct is impeccable, knowing the value of professional behavior in any costumer supplier relationship.

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