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Empowering the Next Generation of Defence

Empowering the Next Generation of Defence Capabilities

WE build innovative defence companies.

“Together with university researchers, We mature technology around a specific usecase. Then, through 3 stages, We bring it to market with our network of commercial partners or directly to the end-user.”

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Innovate with us and make a difference.


To empower technology with Normark Defence, as a technology partner, you must be a research institute, university or GTS institute. Working with us is easy, and we have a complete corporation setup, detailing everything from ToT, patents, licenses, options agreements and milestones to payments.

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Our technology is destined to empower partners capable of integration to their product portfolio. As we are many years ahead of most publicly available research and COTS parts and modules, we are capable of providing your company with the competitive advantage at a much lower cost.

Learn more about our partner setup and how your company can influence the direction and technology.

Become an investor

The defence industry is one of the most rapidly growing investments currently. It is also a market of long and recurring profits, for those who make it.

Learn more about investment opportunities in Normark Defence and how to be part of the journey.

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