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Project management

Defence project-management & implementation on SKI or for private

As external project managers and with our cultural mindset, our approach is fundamentally different from internal PM’s. Our focus is on delivering the project. As we are not part of any department we take full ownership, making sure all parties are well informed about changes, challenges and how we solve them. – Christian Graae, Senior Project Manager at Normark Defence

We assist with project management and implementation in all parts of the defence area and at all levels. We also ensure, that as a supplier to the Danish Defence, will get a successful implementation of your services or product.  

Project management

We offer security cleared project managers with subject matter expert status, hence most of our staff are veterans with many years of experience. Using veterans as project managers, will give you a professional, responsible, loyal and structured project manager that is driven by creating value and mission success.

We offer

  • Project Management
  • Subject matter experts (e.g. tenders)
  • Special projects and deliveries
  • Training and support


Phone: +45 29 71 26 89


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