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The “Playbook”, lets your company know how to market, sell and operate within the Danish defence and the defence industry. Detailing market opportunities, contacts and facts.

This is where we as a team, utilize all of our expertise, network and knowledge to help you gain a competitive advantage within Defence. The Playbook we create, is a report, detailing opportunities and how to approach these in campaign form. This work method, makes strategy in to tactical operations. – Janus Bendix Engmann, Senior Consultant at Normark Defence

With our many years of experience within the defence industry, we guarantee high quality and expertise within sales.  

We offer the support your organization needs entering the Danish market, Europe or in the US, minimizing the exposure to risk and increasing reach and results.  We efficiently reduce costs in the selling process, and simultaneously gives you the opportunity to test your new strategies and market response to new products.

How to progress

Our standardized process ensures a good flow, proper overview and conciss execution. Below, you will can see the 4 steps. Step 1, is a full Playbook, that allows your company to proceed on your own should you choose to. It details all opportunities, contact details, campaign suggestions and how to progress toward success. Step 2, 3 and 4, is a close collaboration with Normark Defence, where we execute the Playbook and utilize our network and competencies to its fullest.


Phone: +45 29 71 26 89



How to sell your product and competencies related to opportunities within Defence.


Execute playbook campaigns in all relevant areas.


Evaluation and adjustment of campaigns and opportunities.


Continuous delivery on conversations with relevant stakeholders.

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