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A new momentum for Denmark in EU defence policy

Friday last week, at the “A new momentum for Denmark in EU defence policy” at TERMA Group, we learned that the EU faces more uncertainty than ever, the internal collaboration amongst member states is stronger than ever, our industry is subject to massive investment through EDF, and we must grasp all the opportunities out there by working together.


Most interesting, was a discussion about the Triple Helix model and private investments (and then discussed as quadruple) – but very little about the practical tools already set in place, such as the Industrial Corporation Contracts – ICC, and how that is already playing an integrate role in the collaboration.

In brief, The Triple Helix model is a concept that describes the collaboration between government, industry, and academia in the development of innovation ecosystems. This model recognizes that no single entity can achieve sustainable growth and prosperity alone, and that collaboration between these three sectors is essential to creating an environment that fosters innovation and competitiveness. In the Triple Helix model, each sector brings its unique strengths and resources to the table, working together to identify and address societal challenges and create new opportunities.

What if we could incorporate the foundation of the Triple Helix, with our ICC framework and private investments?

The contracts and agreements are already set place between the Danish government, private companies, and sometimes research institutions with the aim to foster collaboration and innovation in this key sector of the economy. What if we could incorporate and involve other means of significant public investments in research and development – with multipliers. After all, the ambition of these contracts, is to create a sustainable innovation ecosystem that drives economic growth and competitiveness.

Private investments are key in driving the economic growth and innovation. Private investors, pension funds, venture capitalists and angel investors, could provide funding to early-stage companies and startups that are developing new technologies and products – but 3rd party investments are not part of the Triple Helix nor the ICC framework – but what if?

What if, the Triple Helix, ICC contracts, private investments, and others, were able to interconnect and become a package, driving economic growth and innovation. As we were told, by working together, government, investors, industry, and academia, could create sustainable innovation ecosystems that foster competitiveness, productivity, and prosperity.

We would like nothing else and are working hard on making this a reality.

Contact us or Janus Bendix Engmann and learn more about how your business can navigate ICC, how to grow your business with these frameworks, and how to become an even more integrate part of the Danish defence industry.

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