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A very intelligent, Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) system.

The UGS might be an old idea, and it’s been around for decades (since the Vietnam War according), having been used in places like Afghanistan and other remote places. It’s been used to detect motion, changes in magnetics and other specialized operations. However, with the advances in the specific technology, paired with other innovations at Aalborg University, we at Normark Defence, have been able to create something that actually solves the problem for soldiers.

Purpose and benefits

The Rock provides situational awareness to military leader’s, releasing vital resources for battle to create weight on the battlefield.

It is created to detect people, vehicles (tracked or wheeled), electronics, pressure and many others, and relays that information to a centralized BMS/C4ISR system.

Our system come in many forms – seamlessly blending into nature, like a rock or other structures. With multiple Rocks along a large flank, mountain ranges or borders, military leaders gain 24/7/365 detection and awareness at a fraction of the cost of any drone, satellite surveillance, or camera system.

Land military Forum for Innovation

Normark Defence participated with our UGS, in the Land military Innovation Challenge in 2023 together with 7 other technologies, with the objective of using new technology in the light of a future Russian enemy in the year 2043. The eight technologies come from the members of the Landmilitært Udviklingsforum group on Facebook, DTU and Normark Defense. The posts vary in focus, from single technologies (such as the UGS) to comprehensive concepts where doctrine, organization and technology are presented. The Rock participated in 3 wargames across severals days of conflict and gave a interesting new angle to conventional approaches, with the words:

It is recommended that unmanned ground sensors be investigated more closely, as it seems very simple at first glance but with great tactical effect

Ref: Landmilitaer Innovation Challenge

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