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Normark PowerElectronics feature a series of Silicon carbide (SiC) based power electronics technology. They are gaining significant attention due to its superior electrical properties compared to traditional silicon-based power electronics.

SiC exhibits several advantages over silicon, such as:

  • higher breakdown field strength,
  • higher thermal conductivity,
  • wider bandgap energy,
  • higher saturation electron drift velocity

SiC-based power electronics can bring several advantages to various use cases, including radar applications, direct current systems on ships, and portable radios.


In radar systems, Normark PowerElectronic modules offer higher power density and increased efficiency. This means that radar systems can deliver higher output power with smaller and lighter components, allowing for improved performance in terms of detection range and accuracy. Additionally, our technology generates less heat, reducing the need for extensive cooling, which can be crucial in radar systems used in adverse environmental conditions.


Normark PowerElectronic can significantly benefit direct current (DC) systems on ships. Our technology provides higher power output capabilities, allowing for more efficient power conversion and distribution. Due to our modules’ higher switching frequencies, we enable smaller and more compact DC systems, reducing the space required for power conversion equipment on ships. The reduced size and weight of Normark PowerElectronic modules means fuel savings, increased maneuverability and optimal use of space.


For portable radios, Normark PowerElectronic modules offer enhanced energy efficiency and longer battery life. The higher power density of our modules enables the design of compact power amplifiers and voltage regulators, which can help reduce the size and weight of portable radios. Additionally, our power electronic modules have lower power losses during operation, meaning portable radios can operate for longer durations on a single battery charge.


Contact Jens Uhrbrand in our team for more information.

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