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We build defence companies on demand

At Normark Defence, we build and scale defence companies based on demand, sound business cases and experience.

Normark Defence presents an exceptional opportunity for defense industry collaborators due to our role as an autonomous center for innovation and incubation. Our independence enables us to concentrate exclusively on pioneering technological advancements that cater to the specific needs of the defense sector.

Mikkel Normark, CEO and Owner

Join our investor program and become part of our cutting-edge Next Generation Defence Capabilities Programs.

At Normark Defence, we build companies based on 3 principles.

  1. The demand must be expressed by the Defence
  2. We focus on Defence technology, but there MUST be a civil overlap in the technology
  3. The businesscase, must support initial sales or intend fast. That means, we continuously re-evaluate the setup.
  • For the proactive participants, we eagerly welcome those who seek to leverage their field of expertise as engaged and operational contributors to our projects. Your active involvement will play a pivotal role in propelling our initiatives forward and ensuring their success.
  • Alternatively, for those who prefer a more hands-off approach, we are excited to engage with silent investors. Your valuable insights and wisdom will find a place within our advisory boards, guiding our strategic decisions and shaping our direction, all without the necessity of day-to-day involvement in operational matters.


Phone: +45 29 71 26 89


How to join us

Our defence research, available technology and applications are kept close. We welcome any interested party to visit our facilities and discuss their interest prior to any disclosure. To progress with your interest in our research and technology, please contact us and ask for our “Technology Non-disclosure Agreement”.

Thank you.

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